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Achieving your makeover goals for a new job/position, a different time in your life or simply because you need help creating your 'best self' couldn't be easier when you put yourself in my hands. I can assist you with your decision making, conceptualise your 'new' look, plus book you in with a range of highly skilled and reputable 'makeover' professionals based on your needs and budget.
Services with an asterisk (*) are ones I can offer personally (and out-source when I'm unavailable), all others, after a 'premium consult' (see below) I can book directly on your behalf.  Quotes/rates are subject to your 'makeover plan' and/or booking preferences.

Hair and Makeup 
Hairdresser - cut and/or colour
Hairstylist - events or shoots and/or lessons*
Makeup artist - events or shoots, lessons and/or shopping excursions*

Personal stylist - event or shoot styling, wardrobe critique/update and/or shopping excursions*
Face and/or Body 
Beauty therapist - facials, laser hair removal etc.
Tattoo makeup artist - brows, eyes and lips
Appearance medicine professional - Botox and fillers etc. 
Nutritionists and diet professional - weight loss 
Personal trainer/gym - weight loss and body shaping

Combination of any or all of the above.
It starts with a consult...whether you're looking for a simple makeup lesson or dreaming of a head-to-toe makeover, a professional consult will ensure your journey is stress free, enjoyable and most importantly...successful.  
I offer two consult options and both cover, to varying degrees, a personal analysis that takes into account your aspirations, beauty and/or fashion likes and dislikes; as well as your personality, physicality, lifestyle, skill base (if applicable) and comfort zone.
This consult is done on the day of your booking/appointment and is only available for hairstyling and/or makeup lessons plus wardrobe styling critique  - the latter of which will also requires a form to be filled out prior to the day.  It's an option suited to potential clients who already have some idea of what they want and/or are in a hurry to get their 'new look' completed.  Service fees, available on request at contact, include this basic consult. 
This consult is designed for clients who want an apprehensive free, more comprehensive experience - a personalised 'makeover plan' that includes visual inspiration, service recommendations and cost ranges that you can choose from. It's also optimal if you want time to consider your makeover and budget options.
If this sounds like you, simply contact me and I will send a profile form for you to fill out.  From there you can either choose an online or face-to-face consult; and within 7-10 days of your consult you will receive an email with your 'makeover plan' attached.  Then, aside from any small tweaks, it's just a matter of 'signing off' on the looks and options that you love most and, at your own discretion, booking appointments, which as mentioned I can make on your behalf, so nothing is lost in translation. 

Premium consult fees are GST inclusive and include my time putting your plan together.  Hair, makeup and styling services booked with me post consult will receive a 50% rebate 

Hair and Makeup - $70 Online / $110 Face-to-face 
Styling - $100 Online / $200 Face-to-face
Hair, Makeup and Styling - $140 Online / $250 Face-to-face
Face and/or Body Only - $70 Online / $110 Face-to-face
Head-to-Toe (options from all of the above) - $190 Online / $320 Face-to-face

**Face-to-face consults are by appointment only and take approx. 30-60mins.
**Consultation terms apply.
**Appointments/services are available only in Auckland at this stage.

To book A Direct or Premium consult simply....
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